Our Services

Dental Procedures

- Cosmetic Dentistry     - General Dentistry 

- Family Dentistry     - Preventive Dentistry 

- Fillings (Tooth colored and Amalgam)  


- Crowns (Gold and Ceramic) 

-Bridges     - Dentures and Partials 

- Dental Implant Prosthesis    - General Extractions 

- Teeth Whitening           -Veneers 

Preventative Care

-Dental Hygiene & Cleaning


-Regular Oral Evaluations 


-Patient Education 

-Gum Care   

-Products to use at home for quality home care   

-Flouride treatment  

-Nightguards to protect against Bruxism & TMJ 

-Xrays (low dose digtial)

-Debridement/ scaling and Root Planning

-Periodontal maintenance



In the event that your treatment requires a specialist (orthodontist, oral-maxillofacial surgeon, periodontist, Endodontist, Pediatric Dentist, etc.) we will refer you to the best specialists in the Chapel Hill area.